McKinsey’s latest Women matter study is entitled „Time to Accelerate“. It shows that gender diversity brings advantages for corporate success and that mixed teams achieve better economic results.

Even though most companies understand the importance of gender diversity, we are still far away from it. Women remain under-represented in management levels of companies and organizations. The McKinsey Global Institute has calculated that by reducing the gender gap in times of stagnating growth, the global GDP would increase by 12 trillion Dollars until 2025.

Implementation is important!

Despite the commitment to the topic, the progress in many companies is very slow, with only about half of these companies actually making progress at all.

In addition to the quantity of implemented measures, especially companies that implement 25 measures and more, the quality and effectiveness is crucial in order to achieve visible changes.

DOIT-smart supports you in the analysis of your company-specific „pain points“ and in the selection and implementation of suitable measures by falling back on a large number of documented measures from our know-how pool.

Change begins at the top

In order to impose cultural change, not only one single solution, but a comprehensive ecosystem of measures is needed.

Furthermore, a strong commitment of the top management is crucial. Change of processes can only succeed, if the management stands behind these changes and top-down tries to integrate all hierarchical levels. This insight of McKinsey coincides with our consulting approach. In a first step (DOIT-smart level 1 analysis) we create the necessary transparency and receive the support of the top management.

Build the Pipeline- Create the Conditions

In order to raise/increase the female representation and to enable the professional advancement of women at every level of the pipeline up to the top management, programs for leadership training for women are needed. In addition, it is very important to develop and implement an anti-bias strategy to ensure that promotion and recruitment processes are made from a neutral/objective point of view.

As the McKinsey study shows, women’s chances of advancing in the hierarchy are significantly lower than those of men. Therefore, it is important to recognize bias and approach it structurally, especially in organizations based on a performance-oriented employee assessment.

We advise and accompany you from a neutral perspective in the implementation of your gender diversity strategy and help you to improve the entire personnel lifecycle with concrete measures and products.

Besides our consulting strategy, the Unconscious Bias Training and Build the Pipeline Workshops are also great in demand.

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