Our newly founded consultancy company DOIT-smart has developed a business approach that is geared to operational feasibility and positions the topic of diversity as a corporate goal. We advise and support companies in the implementation of their gender diversity strategy and improve the entire personnel lifecycle of the company with concrete measures and suitable products.

The development of gender diversity is becoming a major focus. Despite intensive efforts, the female representation in management positions at Swiss companies remains at a very low level of around 8%. Although many companies have recognized the benefits of a balanced gender distribution, a clear gender diversity strategy as well as embedding it into the corporate goals is missing.

The DOIT-smart consulting approach starts right there: we support and advise the company in the implementation of a successful diversity strategy from a neutral perspective.

Improvement over 3 levels

DOIT-smart Gender Diversity Consulting Three Steps

The focus lays on a business-oriented gender diversity management.

Level 1: The basis is a quantitative benchmarking of the HSG, which is supplemented with a qualitative analysis of the actual situation. Existing strategies and processes are analyzed for effectiveness and need of action.

Level 2: Building upon this, solutions are developed in cooperation with the company and suitable proposals are defined. A pool of already proven methods/products of cooperation partners is used.

Our association DOIT-smart is financially supported by the Federal Office for Gender Equality (FOGE) and by the Canton of Zurich (Special Office for Gender Equality) in its initial phase.

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