DOIT-smart Gender Diversity Consulting – women as a market

The female population represents a huge market potential, understanding women and catering to their needs becomes a differentiating factor


Processes and structures are tailored to the needs of tomorrow


Diversity is the hallmark of a modern organisation

Successful Organisations are Diverse

In times where women have become an important force as consumers and account for the majority of graduates, developing expertise and catering to their needs becomes a necessity.  Structures that support women in achieving a successful career benefit everyone in the organisation and position the institution as a modern and attractive work place.

Our market observations

Unconscious behaviour (cognitive bias)

Emotionality and stereotyping

Disregard of economic benefits

Slow implementation of strategic decisions

Ineffective measures

Gaps in structure and processes

Weak female pipelines for management positions

Reasons for a cooperation with DOIT-smart

DOIT- smart positions gender diversity strategically inside the organisation and offers single source solutions.


 You wish to get an objective review of your current diversity portfolio from a external expert

New Perspective

You need a new perspective and would like to enhance your gender diversity profile


You understand gender diversity as a differentiation criterion and want to position your company as a diversity champion


 You plan to start a gender diversity programme

Early Adopter

You want to forestall a possible quota regulation or any other regulatory change