The Federal Statistics Office has recently published the latest figures on part-time employment (see the current 10vor10 article with our DOIT-smart CEO Andy Keel).

59% women vs. 18% men

Overall, almost 60% women work part-time, while the amount of men (18%) is much smaller, even though part-time work has also become more important among men.

The study also states that the family situation has a strong influence on the level of employment among women: 80% of all women with small children work part-time.

Bringing women into leading positions requires that leadership experience can be acquired as early as possible in a career. If young women work part-time because of their parenthood, part-time leadership must become possible. Too often it is still expected that leaders are fully present- an attitude that seems antiquated. The role of superiors is changing and so is the requirement for attendance time.

Flexible working hours and part-time working models in management level belong to the corporate culture of a modern company and make the company more attractive for everyone (not only women).

Gender-specific prejudices, stereotyping and a lack of role models are further obstacles in a woman’s career. For this to change, men also need to contribute their power. As superiors they decide on the promotion and therefore on the career of their employees. As colleagues they can shape the tone of their dealings.

From years of experience with the „TEILZEITMANN“, we know how you can address this topic to men and turn them into supporters.

More about our „Engaging Men“ module can be found here.

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