The recently published „Advance & HSG Gender Intelligence Report“ presents the latest fact and figures on gender distribution in Swiss companies. The results are based on raw data of 238’700 employees from over 50 companies.

According to the study, improvements in external recruitment were achieved with positive pipeline effects. Another pleasing highlight is the high return rate (87%) of women from maternity leave. This clearly shows that the efforts of companies are already bearing small fruits- the Swiss average was only 65%, according to the FSO.

The main challenge for companies is the internal promotion of women that have potential. The imbalance begins as early as the 1st management level, with a major impact on the overall career path. Although the gender ratio is almost 50:50 for employees without a management function, 58% men vs. 42% women are promoted to management. The main reasons cited for this explanation are unconscious distortions in promotion processes, as well as a disregard for part-time work in management positions (Further results of the study can be found here)

DOIT-smart deals with this topic in detail and has active consulting mandates (Female Leadership Pipeline) with industrial and service companies.

The starting point is an analysis of the figures of the company to make biases and characteristics visible. During implementation, more than 100 measures and products are available to choose from, depending on the company’s current state of development.

Especially companies that are between phase 3 and 4 of the DOIT-smart phase model often need a process redesign for the promotion process. A process, which can be improved through transparent criteria, the involvement of several decision-makers and active career support for women.

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