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If you want to integrate diversity, you don’t have to start all over again. In our link collection on the subject of gender diversity you will find many interesting facts. We have compiled the most exciting studies and reports for you here.

The Business Case for Change – Women in Business and Management

Second global report on Women in Business and Management offers new insights into how gender diversity at the top improves organizational performance. These include how the many dimensions of an organization’s policies, a gender-balanced workforce and a gender-inclusive culture, among other factors, move the needle for more women to hold decision-making power.

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Schillingreport 2019 – Transparency at the top

After last year’s decrease, female representation in management positions has been rising again. This trend can also be observed in the boards of directors. A positive trend. Read the detailed results in the report below.

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Global Gender Gap Report 2018

Gender parity is fundamental to whether and how economies and societies thrive and flourish. The Global Gender Gap Report benchmarks 149 countries on their progress towards gender parity across the 4 dimensions: economic participation and opportunity, access to education, health and political participation.

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Global Board Tracker 2018 by Egon Zehnder

The new edition of the diversity study by Egon Zehnder shows very sobering results. Switzerland is about to to fall behind in terms of diversity!

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Advance & HSG Gender Intelligence Report 2018

The „Advance & HSG Gender Intelligence Report“ publishes numbers and facts on gender distribution in Swiss companies. Especially the development of recruiting, fluctuation and promotion at all management levels was investigated. The results are based on the data of 238’700 employees from over 50 companies and are accompanied by recommendations and best practices.

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Leaders are made, not born – What we really think about leading women

This article investigates the relationship between gender stereotypes and the assessment of women’s leadership potential. This is done from two different perspectives- a psychological one and a social one. Recent studies show that, despite equal or higher qualifications, women continue experiencing lower ratings for their leadership qualities in recruitment and promotions. In addition, a currently researched model for positive change of gender stereotypes is presented to impact the transformation towards gender-balanced leadership.

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Women Matter – Time to accelerate

For 10 years, McKinsey has been highlighting the importance of equality between women and men in business and society. The study series „Women Matter“ describes the situation, provides arguments and identifies hurdles as well as the most effective way to change the status quo. The anniversary edition of this study shows that women are still under-represented in business and management levels of companies and organizations. The McKinsey Global Institute has calculated that by reducing the gender gap in times of stagnating growth, the global GDP would increase by 12 trillion Dollars until 2025.

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17 goals for a sustainable development

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are to be achieved globally and by all UNO member states until 2030. They balance the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development. In this informative presentation, economist Michael Green shares his analysis of the steps each country has taken (or not taken) towards these sustainability goals. He also offers new ideas on what needs to change in order to achieve these goals.

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Diversity, more than just a buzzword

Diversity has become a very important issue in the Swiss corporate world. It does not only benefit the company’s external image, but also increases employee and customer satisfaction, which ultimately has a positive effect on the company’s competitiveness. The „Diversity Index“ of the HSLU provides facts and statement regarding the status of diversity in Switzerland.

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How Gender Equality is accelerated in the management

Women in management positions are still underrepresented. The study provides transparency and facts on the issue of gender balance throughout the career life cycle and makes recommendations on tackling the issue.

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Gender Diversity in Switzerland: A deep dive

Companies with more women in leading positions achieve higher profits. In Swiss Companies, the female representation in boards of directors and in the senior management has risen in the last couple of years, nevertheless it remains low compared with other countries. Looking towards the future, there must be a significant change in Switzerland in order to catch up with the gender equality at an international or European level.

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