Women are often accused of being the one to blame for earning less and not being promoted- they should negotiate more confidently and sell their services better.

Business seminars, which aim to teach women how to adapt male behavior (copy the men), are booming.

However, in order to benefit from the added value of diversity, this approach is not very effective, since it cements a system created by men, which only permits and rewards certain behaviors.

On the occasion of a customer event organized by P&G and PWC under the slogan „Myths of gender equality in the digital workplace“ DOIT-smart discussed the myth „Women need fixing“ with executives. We are happy to share a summary here.

In order fro women to be equally involved, companies must change their values, processes, culture, structures and behaviors. This also includes the appreciation of qualities that tend to be assigned to the female gender, such as empathy. Even unconscious distortions, f.e. stereotypes, must be made conscious and personnel processes that are affected by them must be changed through behavioral design.

Last but not least, this includes breaking through hierarchies and redefining standards and beliefs.

Participants’ suggestions ranged from evenly distributed, compulsory parental service to the abolition of all requirements on how to work. One of the key issues that emerged, is the need to develop a leadership culture that gives all employees room to contribute.

An example for this is the Round Robin method: The person who leads the meeting asks each person individually for his or her opinion and brings his/her own opinion only in at the end. Because of that, all participants have the opportunity to contribute or say nothing. In such a culture, managers should set an example by making it possible for everyone to reconcile work and family (or hobbies).

As the event was dedicated to the digital workplace, the group chose as the best measure a technology that allows employees to provide continuous feedback on inclusion.

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