What we can learn from the latest Schilling report: the importance of the pipeline

According to the latest Schilling report the development of gender diversity in management boards of the largest companies in Switzerland is sobering. After a promising increase last year, the female representation is currently declining again, falling from 8% to 7%. Only 8% of the vacant management positions were filled by women in 2017 (compared to 21% in 2016). In 59% of the 118 companies that were surveyed, there is currently no women at all to be found in the managing board.

In order for this to change, more attention needs to be paid to the internal pipeline.

Of course, external candidates can also be recruited for management positions. However, in order to achieve sustainable change, the next generation must be supported internally.

And there is still a lot of trouble, when we look at that.

As a recent McKinsey study shows, women’s chances of advancing in the hierarchy are significantly lower than those of men. Therefore, is is important to address the female management pipeline in a structural manner and be aware of Unconscious Bias, especially in companies that have a performance-oriented employee assessment.

More Information to the McKinsey study here.

The corporate environment is rapidly changing and diversity is becoming increasingly important for corporate success. An aging population means that companies need to make more efforts in recruiting. Various studies show that diverse companies are more successful.

We support companies in identifying their „pain points“ and approaching these with innovative methods. A data-supported process helps us with this.

Our modules provide tailor-made offers for the most important points on the way to a successful, diverse organization. The modules can optimally be combined with each other or supplemented with further measures.

Our team is looking forward to your inquiry and will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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