What do your employees think about gender diversity? The DOIT-smart Gender Gap Profile© 

As a management consultancy for gender diversity, we are primarily concerned with shaping the corporate culture, strategy, structures and processes of companies in such a way that diversity is lived and the company is attractive for current and future employees.

One of our analysis tools is the DOIT-smart Gender Gap Profile©.

The aim of the analysis is to feel the pulse of the organisation, to give room for subjective views and to discover new things in the process. During one-hour interviews, members of various segments of the workforce are asked to describe their subjective perception of the various dimensions of diversity (see chart below) in relation to around 25 theses with assessments and comments. This method makes it possible to present the different points of view of the different hierarchical levels concisely and it also makes it possible to capture anecdotes that are valuable in terms of understanding the corporate culture.

For example, it may become apparent that the topic of gender diversity is clearly anchored at management level, but is hardly perceived or interpreted differently by the organization. Another example would be that there are gaps in networking opportunities, although young women in particular are particularly dependent on them.

Blind spots can also appear, such as unconscious bias for certain role profiles. For example, one of the women interviewed experienced the embarrassing moment of a client being presented with a men’s wristwatch as a prize for the best sales result because the organizer was not prepared for a woman to be considered. Another top cadre woman complained that she herself was asked to go to the toilet at conferences where she acted as the main speaker.

Gender gap profile analysis also allows us to detect differences in perception within certain dimensions. For example, it may turn out that there is a clear glass ceiling in relation to flexible working or home office opportunities within an organization are inconsistent.

Together with the quantitative analysis, the DOIT-smart Gender Gap Profile© creates a solid factual basis for developing specific packages of measures adapted to the organization. By embedding the measures in a fact-based framework, their sustainability and impact are measured and improved.

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