Gender Check

Job Advertisement

Would you like to recruit more women, but receive toofew applications from female applicants?

An often heard argument why so few women arerepresented in the company is the lack of applications. The way you advertise and formulate jobs determineswhether someone applies or not. Women and men reactdifferently to images, language, requirements, benefitsand corporate culture, which are transported through ajob advertisement. Would you like to check whether youradvertisements also appeal to women? Our GenderCheck identifies hidden distortions of perception in youradvertisements. Our gender specialists will show you alternatives in the job advertisement in order to findaccess to good candidates.

Our offer for 990 CHF

  • New conception of a job advertisement to target morewomen (value 400 CHF)
  • Publication under your name or our name on
    • (value 890 CHF)
    • (value 500 CHF)
    • 20+ other channels to address women specifically (value 800 CHF)

Your profit 1600 CHF and a better diversified talent pool