Engaging Men

What does gender diversity have to do with me?

Gender biases,  stereotyping and lack of role models are theusual obstacles to women’s career advancement. Tochange this, men play a crucial role. They must beinvolved in gender equality. To concentrate gender programmes only on women is too one-sided. It takesmale allies and advocates to make a difference incorporate culture. From years of experience with thepart-time man, we know how to engage men and turnthem into supporters.

Modules and Products

Our Engaging Mentraining modules aim to involve male leaders in gender diversity efforts. The DOIT-smart team has a large number of measures and tools in the area of Engaging Men. We distinguish between the personal and structural level. At the structural level, for example, measures such as paternity leave, holiday purchase or an internal prohibition of gender pricing are to beestablished on the company’s own products. On the individual level, it is a matter of first of all making menpersonally affected. This is very easy to achieve in leadership training, but can also be achieved in boardroom sessions – brown bags and individual coaching. Another exciting starting point are fathers – or rather the similarities of mothers and fathers in “rush hour” of life.

The DOIT-smart team willdesign your own Engaging Men module for you.

Our fundand expertise from practice, with 7 years part-time andover a dozen DOIT-smart customers is considerable.