We are committed to bring forward a better gender diversity in companies on a daily basis. However, measured in terms of the attention paid to the topic by the media, little has changed so far. The female representation in Swiss management is currently 9% (Schillingreport 2019).

Does this problem seem familiar to you? Have you already made various efforts to change, but a numerical success does not yet want to become apparent?

Our consulting modules specialize in the most important „pain points“.

Here is an excerpt of our most popular products.

Gender Diversity as a Business Case

Your management is not yet convinced of the benefits of Diversity & Inclusion? We give you support in the argumentation and embedding of the topic in your HR strategy.

We introduce the management and board of directors to the topic and point out the options for action and consequences of inaction.

Gender Check Job Postings

Ensure that the wording of your job postings is gender neutral – appealing to both men and women.

The way you formulate and design job advertisements has a significant impact on the profile of applicants, and whether women apply. Men and women react differently to language, key benefits, job requirements and company culture that are reflected in a job posting.  We help you identify cognitive biases in these postings and suggest alternatives so that you become attractive for female talent.  

Unconscious Bias Trainings 

Understanding unconscious bias is a key element when integrating diversity into an organisation.Our trainings contain the latest empirical research regarding bias and its origin as well as action-oriented measures that can be taken at individual and company level. Whether as a seminar, a lunch-time event, a lecture or for a management offsite, our unconscious bias experts offer you a tailor-made solution.  

Engaging Men

Men play a vital part in the success of any organisation’s diversity efforts. How to motivate men to participate in diversity, addressing their concern and providing a platform for open discussion are key ingredients of this offering. Based on our long-standing expertise as Teilzeitmann, we know how to approach men and  to convert them into supporters. The workshops and events are held by our male team members. 

Diversity Quick Check

You wish to get an objective review of your current diversity portfolio from an external expert. We review your current measures, assess their impact using the DOIT-smart Staging Model and the 8 DOIT-smart Dimensions and recommend additions where appropriate. The resulting implementation roadmap highlights the most relevant measures for your situation, drawing from a pool of over 100 DOIT-smart solutions and products.  

The modules can be combined with each other.

Our team is looking forward to your inquiry and will gladly answer all the questions you may have.

Just DOIT!

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