The importance of diversity and equal opportunities is not only topical in socio-political terms, but also increasingly perceived as very important in the world of work.

According to a global study by the Swiss personnel consultancy Egon Zehnder, in which 2500 executives from over 7 country participated, this is particularly important for the younger generation.Two-thirds of the surveyed millennials (born between 1980s-1990s), cite diversity as the most important characteristic in their choice of employer.By comparison, only 51% of the baby boomers, who are gradually leaving the workforce, have the same opinion.

Companies have catching up to do

The problem here is that only about 65% of the participants see the topic of diversity accepted and implemented in their own companies. A similar picture emerges for equal opportunities: 61%  state that there are equal career opportunities for all the employees in their company

“For us Millennials, it is no longer a matter of debate, whether diversity and equal opportunities are a „must“ – we take that for granted! I want to receive an appropriate and fair reward in form of absolute equality or better said the same access to success as one of my fellow male students.”

Liv Wiemann, intern at the Teilzeit AG and Millennial

Expectations of how managers should be and behave change

Millennials also place changing demands on leadership competences. They want their bosses to be approachable, value-oriented and visionary and expect personal support and encouragement.

Work Life Balance

Once again it has been proven that work is not everything that matters in life. For the majority of the surveyed people, the healthy balance between work and professional life is crucial.

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