Biasset – DOIT-smart

DOIT-smart Bias Set

Use the proven DOIT-smart bias set as part of your workshop.
The set (currently available in German language only) consists of a game manual and five cards that explain the most relevant biases in the gender context and eight cards with typical biases in everyday working life including recommendations for action for affected individuals and what organizations can do to avoid situations or master them successfully.
The sets can be ordered at for CHF 49.- plus shipping costs

BIAS SET | Biases

The most relevant biases in the gender context.

Performance Bias

The achievements and abilities of women are judged more critically.

Confirmation Bias

Informations that confirms our expectations are weighted more strongly than those that contradict our expectations.

In-Group Bias

Members of the own group are perceived more positively and are preferred over the members of an external group.


The same skills are perceived and assessed differently by men and women.

Anchoring Effect

Judgements about uncertain facts are influenced by already known information – the so-called anchor. The result is a systematic distortion in the direction of the anchor.