2018 could be a decisive year for gender equality in Switzerland. The introduction of the women’s quota as well as measures against wage discrimination will be decided in the parliament. The Federal Council plans to introduce a quota for listed companies with more than 250 employees. The future goal is that women will be represented to 30% in boards of directors and to 20% in management boards.

There is need to catch up regarding the fact that Switzerland currently is lagging severely behind in this topic. The female representation in the 100 largest companies is 17% in boards of directors ans 8% in management boards.

Soft Quotas

However, there should not be any sanctions, if these quotas are not achieved. The better solution would be to demand that companies must explain in a compensation report why the benchmark has not been met and identify measures that will lead to improvement. The vote has not been taken yet, but the bill has been approved by the National Council.

Nevertheless, the obligation to report will only be fully in force after a transitional phase of 3 years and is only going to be valid for 10 years.

We advise companies to take action now

In order to increase the female representation and to make it possible for women to advance to the top management, it not only takes suitable programs and measures, but also persistence and patience. Our DOIT-smart team advises and accompanies you in the implementation of a gender diversity strategy that suits you and your needs. Furthermore, we help you to improve the entire personnel lifecycle with concrete suggestions and products. With our level 1 analysis you would already meet the requirements of the revision of the law. At the same time, you are going to receive a fact-based analysis of your current situation, which allows you to embed measures and goals into a larger frame of your company.

Our module „Female Leadership Pipeline“ could help you with that. The pipeline of female junior staff needs to be analyzed and weak points need to be understood. Based on a quantitative analysis our experts determine the causes of a thin pipeline and submit tailor-made proposals, whose success will be measured via the Gender Diversity Dashboard. The sustainability of this module can be intensified with an additional block, for example the „Unconscious Bias“ module.

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